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Kindergarten Registration


Kindergarten students must be 5 years of age by August 1 to be able to enroll. 

Kindergarten registration at MSD of Steuben County takes place both online and in person. There are multiple steps. 
  1. March 1-15   Complete the pre-registration basic information at our pre-registration portal (click here)
  2. March 17   Complete required paper forms and bring the following documents to the Central Gym between 8:00 AM and 7:00 PM 1) your child's birth certificate  2)proof of residency (utility bill, lease, etc)  3)immunization record
  3. Between April and May, you will receive notice at the email address you have provided to us of the school your child will attend for kindergarten and instructions on how to complete the required online registration forms 
  4. Over the summer your child will be scheduled for kindergarten screening. While your child is with a teacher being tested, you can review or complete your online registration forms. The school secretary can assist you in using one of the school’s Chromebooks and get you signed up for the Remind app (this is how your school will often send you important messages)
  5. August 13   Your child starts Kindergarten! 

The MSD of Steuben County kindergarten screening is a locally-developed assessment that students will take over the summer before they begin kindergarten. Your child’s school will contact you to schedule a time over the summer to bring your child to the school to meet with a kindergarten teacher and complete the kindergarten screening. The screening typically takes 30-45 minutes. 
The screening is designed to assess students’ foundational learning skills. The scores on the assessment are not a “percentage” or nationally “normed.” Rather, the scores provide information regarding students’ early literacy, conceptual, and numeracy skills. Each section of the screening contains a set of skills and a total number of points possible. Your child’s score is a compilation of the points. It is not expected that students receive every point in every section—the screening is not intended to be used in this way. Instead, it provides a general awareness of your child’s kindergarten readiness and areas you may reinforce at home. The screening also lets the teacher know where your child is starting so that we can make sure the learning for your child is “just right” from the first day of school.

To ensure that your child is ready and prepared for kindergarten, please click on the links below for more information about skills necessary for success in kindergarten and activities you can do with your child to ensure a successful start to your child’s educational journey.
Thanks for your partnership in your child’s education.  We are excited to work with your kindergarteners!  
    • District Office

      MSD of Steuben County
      400 South Martha St.
      Angola, IN 46703

      Tel: 260-665-2854
      Fax: 260-665-9155
      Dr. Steve Sprunger, Superintendent
      Ann Rice, Assistant Superintendent
      Karen Eagleson, Business Manager
      Dr. Schauna Relue, Director of Curriculum and Instruction
      Chantell Manahan, Director of Technology

      High School

      Angola High School
      350 S. John McBride Ave.
      Angola, IN 46703

      Tel: 260-665-2186
      Athletics: 260-665-3780
      Fax: 260-665-7012
      Mr. Travis Heavin, Principal
      Mrs. Nancy Irwin, Asst. Principal
      Mr. Steve Lantz, Asst. Prin./Ath. Director
      Mrs. Mary Moore-Bowers, Dir. of Guidance

      Educational Opportunity Center
      403 S. Martha St.
      Angola, IN 46703

      Tel: 260-665-1360
      Fax: 260-668-7928
      Mr. Gary Puckett, Principal

      Middle School

      Angola Middle School
      1350 East Maumee St.
      Angola, IN 46703

      Tel: 260-665-9581
      Fax: 260-665-9583
      Mr. Ryan Bounds, Principal
      Mr. Ryan Stellhorn, Asst. Prin./Ath. Director
    • Elementary Schools

      Carlin Park Elementary
      800 N Williams St.
      Angola, IN 46703

      Tel: 260-665-2014
      Fax: 260-665-7053
      Mr. John Curtis, Principal

      Hendry Park Elementary
      805 South Washington St.
      Angola, IN 46703

      Tel: 260-665-3215
      Fax: 260-665-5584
      Mrs. Rosie Brandt, Principal

      Pleasant Lake Elementary
      P.O. Box 69
      1205 W. Main St.
      Pleasant Lake, IN  46779

      Tel: 260-475-5055
      Fax:  260-475-5673
      Mrs. , Principal

      Ryan Park Elementary
      1000 South John McBride Ave.
      Angola, IN  46703

      Tel: 260-668-8873
      Fax:  260-668-8823
      Mrs. Amy Heavin, Principal


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